Paperchase - A Stationery Paradise

March 18, 2017


I've always been passionate about stationery. I was that school girl with lots of coloured pens and beautiful notebooks. I have no shame in revealing that! 
I think all the graphic designers love stationery, even the male colleagues and maybe it's in that creative and coloured school environment that most of the graphics, drawing and creative interests are born inside of us. I have maintained a keen interest in stationery since my childhood. The difference is that I don't spend much money on it nowadays... only sometimes as a treat.

I've been to Paperchase Flagship Store in London; a stationery paradise. Paperchase is the UK’s number 1 shopping spot for exciting and innovative design-led stationery. They've been in the UK for over 40 years now and also have some shops across Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and the Middle East.

The Flagship store is at Tottenham Court Road and you can find 3 floors of paper goods; a cafe (yes, a cafe!), crafts, notebooks, a space for projects and workshops and much much more... if you haven't been there yet, you must visit some time. This week they had a special day in regards to Mother's day celebration. I've taken some pictures to show you. There were amazing freebies like books and cards personalisation with artists, removable tattoo, cupcakes and champagne and a calligraphy workshop!

Have a look below to see a little bit of the shop: