The Geffrye Museum

March 9, 2017

The Museum


The Geffrye Museum is a small/medium beautiful museum located near Hoxton Station. The museum is absolutely different from the other London's museums. Firstly, its never busy as it is not very known by the tourists and it's cosy feeling makes you feel like you in a different part of England.

If you are into interior design or you want to learn a bit more about history and houses in a more interactive way, you are going to love this little gem. Each room is presenting a piece of history from the 1700's right through to the 2000's. You can see the interiors of England Houses and get inspired by the old furnitures and designs.

Don't forget to visit the back gardens, each of them displays a different period like the rooms.

I've heard that the best time to visit is on December, when they decorate all the rooms based on the traditions of the different periods.


Absolute must see in London. Check some photos and discover this beautiful place:


The Garden





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