Photographic Project | The Kitchen

May 18, 2016

This week`s course project is to photograph a Kitchen! Not only a kitchen itself but maybe what it means for you... At the moment I heard the briefing I just got upset because I don't have a nice kitchen here in London. I share a Kitchen with about 7 other people. It's a kitchen without personality and everything is hidden in someone's piece of the wardrobe.

The brief was:
The Kitchen. It's a place of comfort. Of solace. A hub within a home. A refuge. A meeting place. A living space. People laugh and fight. Families share and debate. Couples love and argue. Children work and play. It's dinners for one and preparations for parties of 10. It can be foreign yet domestic. Commercial or private. It is built out of space utensils, odours, and taste. It can be culturally rooted or on the edge of the next design statement.

At home in Brazil, our kitchen means a meeting place, a family share space where we stay long time chatting... where my grandma stays 80% of her day and of course a place of happiness and love. I'm far away from this environment, so here in this kitchen, I focused on utensils, lines and shapes. I showed the reality of my actual kitchen not trying to make it beautiful, but real. I really enjoyed the result of the photos that looks more as patterns for my eyes. I need to choose 5 or 7 photos to print for tomorrow... what is difficult cause I really enjoyed more than 10 photos!

To see all the 30 photos, visit my recent album THE KITCHEN.